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Jan crosses boundaries and borders all the time leaving her with feet in many places and a broad set of skills from which to draw on. Starting out as an American, she grew up in Canada and now is a hybrid of both. She started taking photographs seriously underwater first, and has now climbed out of the primordial soup and takes photos on land and inside studios and is now a hybrid of both. She started out taking pictures of animals (pets), then underwater animals, and has expanded to people too and enjoys them all.

Jan is available for portraits, events, location shoots of any kind.
Above water or below, in Canada or the USA, of people or pets or places.
Please contact her to talk about your project.

Contact Jan:
janice at somemorephotos dot com

Located in the beautiful Pacific North West.


An extensive collection of stock photography images are available.
Please send a list of keywords to stock at somemorephotos dot com