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Bio - Jan McLaughlin, Somemore Photos (www.somemorephotos.com)

From early on, Jan has always taken photos of her environment. Her passion for the underwater world began in 1992 when she was first certified as a SCUBA diver for a planned trip to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Even though she earned her reputation as a cold wimp from the start, she enthusiastically continued her diving education in the crisp cool waters of Monterey where she became a Divemaster, taught classes and learned the Monestary crawl. Although she started out taking video underwater, she quickly switched to still photography to capture the true beauty of the environment that she was seeing and so that she didn’t have to share the camera. After 13 years of traveling the worlds dive sites and taking underwater photographs, she feels she’s starting to get the hang of it. Janice grew up in Vancouver, BC and considers herself a Canadian at heart. She has a BSc. in Computer Science and Business Administration and spent 11 years funding a worldwide diving and photography habit working the Silicon Valley life. After many trips to Hawaii on vacation, Jan and her husband Greg left the exciting world of computers and joined the dive life of Kona. She became a USCG Captain, PADI/SSI Divemaster and underwater guide, and an award winning underwater photographer. As a guide and fish geek, she was able to share the individual stories of the underwater animals with visitors and particularly enjoyed educating people about the misunderstood creatures of the ocean so that they were no longer scary. Back on the mainland and back in reality, Jan continues to try and combine her passions and skills by using the camera topside for portrait and event photography, studio shoots, working on dive related articles, websites and underwater fine art, and as a Founder and Executive Director of Manta Pacific Research Foundation (www.mantapacific.org).

She dreams of the day underwater fine art photography becomes "vogue". Her personal goal is to have 71% of the images that people view be of the underwater world.

Contact Jan:
janice at somemorephotos dot com